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Brides send their MOH

To give you a heads up on the events that are about to unfold, here are 25 texts all brides send their MOHs.  Let us know which ones you can relate to!

“Are we still on for bridesmaid’s brunch? Did you text the other girls? [insert kiss emoji]”

“I’m thinking I want you girls to wear flower crowns on the day. Is that still a thing?”

“My mum keeps adding randoms to the guest list. I need wine.”

“When did we say are we dieting again? Because I really want pizza.”

“Lol what wedding diet?”

“Are peonies too cliché?”

“What have you and the girls planned for the Hen’s? Just FYI my aunties are coming.”

*Sends two photos of identical fabrics* “Satin or Charmeuse? HELP!”

“I’m really feeling floor-length gowns at the moment.”

“I’m really into knee-length gowns at the moment.”

*Sends photo of a dress* “I LOVE this dress, this would look soo good on you. What do you think??”

“What if I get my period on my wedding day???”

“Do you think my wedding photos will trend on Instagram?”

“Please don’t plan anything super embarrassing for the Hen’s. PLEASE.”

“Wine tonight????”

“Contouring is harder than it looks. How much do you think Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist would charge to fly over here and do our make-up? LOL.”


“Could you tell the girls I want their nails to be pink?”

“We need a bridesmaid’s movie night!”

“I’ve finally finished writing my vows lol. Do you think (insert groom) has even done his??”

“My MIL is driving me crazy. Can I call you?”

“Soo…what do I wear under my wedding dress? LOL”

“Sent you a list of wedding hashtags. Which ones do you like best?”

“You’re going to have to help me pee on the day. I hope you know that.”

“Hey, seriously…I couldn’t have done this without you. I have the best Maid of Honor in the world. Thank you soooo much. Tomorrow is going to be so much fun xxxxx”

Geode and agate wedding styling ideas

Wondering what geode and agate actually means?

A geode is a concave rock formation which is lined on the inside with crystals. The most popular example is an amethyst geode. Agate, on the other hand, is a flatter rock which is characterised by bright colour and grain patterns.

Geode and agate are becoming increasingly popular in wedding styling circles, and, the beautiful natural rock formations can be used for anything from table numbers to the inspiration for your wedding cake design. Here are some geode and agate wedding styling ideas.

“When I watch The Wolfman perform I’m captivated,” Ani says. “Somehow he seems to capture the essence of super cool, sexy, hilarious and unpredictable all in one. He is fearless high energy entertainment! He is the real deal. Entertaining is what he was born to do.”

When asked how Sex and Chocolate got their cheeky moniker, Paul explains; “We wanted an image that would portray a sexy, fresh sound,” he says. “Our original name was TRU, which stood for`The Rest of Us’.

“Then one day we were approached by the manager of the Watermark Hotel who loved our show but thought the group’s name wasn’t marketable, and, he was right. He asked his female employees for band name suggestions for a group of three sexy young Polynesian boys and they came up with ‘Sex and Chocolate‘… and the rest is history.”

All of the band members have been involved in music for decades, some of them honing their voices in church choirs and winning awards both nationally and internationally. They now approach each wedding with a structure honed through years of performing at hundreds of events. “For me I believe preparation is one of our keys to success,” Ani says.

Rules of planning a Hen

Landing yourself a spot on the #TeamBride entourage comes with some special responsibilities…from helping the bride make key decisions (like which cake icing looks best) to planning a hen’s party for her. The latter might sound fun and simple, but it gets a little tricky when it comes down to the details.

To make sure the bride gets an unforgettable time with her besties before the big day, some hard questions need to be asked. Can we invite (insert name)? Is an out of town party taking it too far? Who pays for this and that?

We know how you feel, girlfriend. That’s why we’ve put down these unspoken rules every bridesmaid or Maid of Honour should know when planning for a hen’s night!

Rule #1 Surprises are optional

The first thing to consider when planning a hen’s night is the personality of the bride. Is she a grab-and-go kind of girl or does she need time to prepare before heading out? Does she have a year-long calendar or does she use post-its for her daily schedule? The spontaneous bride will love surprises, while the plan-loving bride might freak out. The former can be left wondering what’s going to happen and the latter should be involved throughout the planning.

Rule #2 It doesn’t have to be X-rated…all the time

Let’s face it, a little naughtiness here and there can stir up some laughs at a party – Yeah, those cookies in G-strings are fine! But if you want the night to be really special, do something that the bride would love. Is she a music lover? Arrange a karaoke night. Is she an outdoorsy type? Go for an evening of Glamping under the stars. If you need some help setting up the party, one of these  professional planners would be happy to do it for you.

Rule #3 You can split the bill

Being the head honcho doesn’t mean you have to be the main financer, too. It’s of course okay to ask everyone invited to chip in and treat it as a shared gift for the bride-to-be. You can email the hens a budget list so you get everyone on board before booking anything ahead.

Rule #4 Ask the bride who she wants to invite

Even if the party is going to be a surprise, you should ask the bride first hand who she wants to be there. She doesn’t have to know any other detail apart from that (Or ask her fiancé if you’re  THAT serious in keeping it a secret). Knowing the number of people going and whether or not her mum and aunts are coming along will affect the kind of party you’d be hosting. If you’re still unsure of what to do, this hen’s night organiser promises the #besthensever.

Rule #5 What happens at the hen’s party stays at the hen’s party

Need we say more? If the bucks have their bro code, the hens have their chick code—pun intended. Of course, you can post bride-approved photos on social media to share your fun night. But don’t think twice about keeping any kind of the embarrassing photos away from the public eyes!