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A gentlemans guide

You know you can talk the talk – you did that with your marriage vows – but can you walk the walk? Can you put into practice that which you promised to do? This gentleman’s guide to marriage will help a husband to flourish in his marriage.

Fibs are forbidden

Marriage, or relationships in general are built on trust. By always being open and honest with your significant other, you build this trust. Even little white lies aren’t recommended. Unless of course you are talking about a new haircut!

Good old-fashioned manners

There are many famous tales of men making sacrifices for a lady. Sir Walter Raleigh was once said to have placed his expensive coat over a puddle so that Queen Elizabeth – that’s the first Queen Elizabeth – didn’t get her dainty feet wet. Whether this is fact or fiction is not the point. The point is gentlemanly behaviour can still be performed today. Holding a door for your loved one, seeing her safely into a car, giving her flowers without a specific reason – are all gentlemanly things you can do to express your love and respect.

Mark those dates

Make sure you remember those important dates! The two most important being your wedding anniversary and their birthday. If you have a habit of forgetting, set a reminder in your phone right now. It’s a mortal sin to forget your wedding anniversary!

Cheating is for chumps

This one goes without saying but we will mention it anyway. Remember what was said about trust earlier? Don’t be one of ‘those’ guys and always remember your marriage vows.

There doesn’t have to be a reason

Don’t think there has to be an occasion or reason to do something special for your spouse. Organise a dinner at a fancy restaurant, bring home some flowers, plan a romantic weekend away. Try and go above and beyond to show your appreciation. And make sure you tell them you love them and appreciate them regularly. Preferably every day!

Don’t be a slob

One of the quickest ways to disappoint your loved-one is to become a couch potato. Now that doesn’t mean you have to be active 24/7 and especially not when you’re at home. But lazing around when there are things you should be doing and ignoring the house work is a real turn-off. Do your best to be a helpful husband!

The little things mean a lot

Sometimes it’s the little things that help make you a great husband. Does your spouse hate making the bed? Why not take care of this every day without being asked. Is your partner really close with her parents? Make an effort to get to know them well and build a solid relationship with them. Making these types of efforts will go a long way to elevating you to hero-husband status.

Be the best back-up bloke

What is your spouse passionate about? Make sure you take an interest and really get behind them. Make an effort to learn about the things they love and lend your support. It will mean a lot knowing you are there to back them up and you truly care.

Avoid the rut and routine

Romance and excitement is usually at a high during the courting stage while things a new and fresh. And after the rings and vows are exchanged, it’s not uncommon for things to dip a little in this department. Don’t let this happen you. Make it your job to ensure there is always romance and excitement in your relationship and don’t let your relationship fall victim to routine. How this looks will depend on you as a couple, so try and remember the initial excitement of the early stages of your relationship and keep this burning.

Keep working

Probably the best advice for a married gentleman is to keep working on it. A good marriage is one where both partners don’t take the other for granted, always show respect for their each other, and follow the golden rule of doing to others as you would want them to do unto you. Good luck!

Bridal Fashion collection

What does being a bridesmaid mean to you? Being supportive?Helping with the wedding planning? Standing by her side on her big day? Yes – these are all important. But there are some unspoken rules of being a bridesmaid that you may not be aware of. Here are eight of them.

Don’t say ‘yes’ if you’re not going to be able to do the job

This really should go without saying. Being a bridesmaid is about more than just dressing up in a pretty gown. It’s about the prearation before the wedding day. It’s about helping the bride with any tasks she needs completed and organising things like the hen’s night. If you’re not going to have time to help out with these things then don’t say ‘yes’ no matter how flattered or excited you are to be asked.

Be responsive

Being a bridesmaid requires being available at all hours. Yes, it’s not entirely reasonable but it’s the truth. You’re one of the bride’s most trusted friends and family members and she will call on you, sometimes at odd hours or when you’re busy doing something that isn’t related to the wedding so if she calls you or texts you or emails you or WhatsApps you, respond! Don’t make her wait days for a response to her text about whether you can pick up Uncle Bob from the airport two days before the wedding. If you can’t do it, say no but tell her asap.

Don’t do the social media thing (without her permission)

You may be the queen of Insta but showing behind the scenes of her wedding just isn’t on. Yes that picture of you trying on bridesmaids dresses may be like worthy but the bride may not want anyone knowing anything about her big day including what the bridesmaids dresses may look like. Don’t post anything wedding related without checking with your boss bride.

Be prepared to spend some of your money

Who pays for the bridesmaids dresses is a contentious topic and every couple has their own view on it but no matter who is paying for wedding related items, you are going to end up spending money to be a bridesmaid. You may have to pick up bits and pieces for the bride’s pet DIY project or pay for the pizzas at the hen’s night and, realistically, are you going to ask the bride for her credit card to cover these costs? Most brides are wonderful when it comes to expenses but us bridesmaids also want to help out but only if we can’t afford to.

Be a shoulder to lean on

Wedding planning is stressful and it sometimes doesn’t bring out the best in your bride so, unless she’s acting axe-wielding crazy, support her when she goes a little nuts. It’s ok. Just listen and offer her a hand, a tissue or an ear.

Don’t change your look too much

Yes, we know it’s not fair and not terribly reasonable but if you’re chosen to be a bridesmaid don’t go doing anything too drastic with your looks. Of course it’s your body but if you’re wearing a strapless, sleeveless bridesmaid dress, two full-length tattoo sleeves are going to change the look of the bridal party. Admittedly it will look way cooler but it may not be the look the bride is going for. Similarly if you have long hair and the bride is counting on it, don’t chop it off to a No.2 without at least discussing it with her.

Keep calm and carry on

No matter what happens, don’t lose your cool. Don’t snipe about the other bridesmaids, don’t panic if something goes wrong and, most importantly, on the big day, no matter who else freaks out, don’t let it be you. You’re supposed to be the bride’s rock, not someone who adds to her worries or gives her any stress. She should be able to turn to you in her time of crisis.

Be positive about the wedding

No matter how much you hate your bridesmaids dress or the groom, be positive about everything. That doesn’t mean lie it, just means support the bride in her decisions and look for the good side of everything. Your bride needs your support and even though true friends speak their mind and tell the truth a true friend also knows when the time is right to zip it, nod and smile.